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Function NameGeschäftstelefon / E-Mail-Adresse
Club president Ing. Daniel Granegger+43 676 7722381 6ada903c1d6ac0bae324b5843c86d180acb2c62b
Club past-president Mag. Manfred Holzapfl+43 7252 893 949d8f90b6763fbb620d6318ed9672a734e96f41
Club 1st vice president Dr. med. Wolfgang Rechberger+43 7252 47757 a24fee3efeef2d7af8f5bcc288c07e96da845ae2
Club 2nd vice president Gerald Frühauf, MBA+43 676 5392130 a01e89bd70552bda742a73c4338d4558e4931a84
Club 3rd vice president Martin Dunst, MA 7eca6b5fe25d0542108551ffacd94335cfaa8750
Club secretary Mag. Dr. Harald Granegger+43 676 4476616 73b3bd4133c3afa2a57c5fd8e75f6a724ea309a7
Club treasurer Wolfgang Wieser+43 676 5232222 b0c99275eb965598ec5b351312cb27964f3732d7
Club Lion Tamer Bernhard Singer, Mst. d7f7cba57e9596ef10872f3a54ed9dc520c821f2
Club contacts Karl Schnurpfeil 0ac6db362c921ddf635edccbc06a6fdcc3fd2472